High school!!!

On the 10th, 11th and 12th we went up to the high school for a visit. The prefects were very helpful because they took us to our classes all of the 3 days. on the 10th we went to 2 of our classes and in the afternoon we had fun activites. It was fun!!!!

On the 11th for the whole day we went to all of our classes without stopping. My fav subject was he and history. We had no activities today which was quite disapointing but i suppose we had to have a day to do all our subjects because when we come up to the high school after the hols we will not have any fun activities in the afternoon. The 11th was good day and i did like my subjsects that day.

On the 12th we only had 4 subjects to do that day. I had my Spanish today. That was my fav subject today. Because it was our last day in the afternoon we got to have more activites they were fun. There was 3 activities and lewis, haris and skye split up and went to different activities. The food was brilliant and so were the teachers.

So in total the 3 full days were absoloutly brilliant i just can’t wait until i get up the the high school after the hols. Woo Hoo.

When i’m older !!!

When i’m older i want to be an actress or solo singer. When i told my mum she said to me you can keep wish but you will never be one but i want to get back at her. I want to prove that i am going to be an actress or solo singer one day. 🙂
If i don’t get to be an actress or solo singer my back up would be an auther or studying animals in Africa. I would probably get gd money for it too.  😆

I hope my wish will come true of being a actress or solo singer.

C Ya xxx

My new show

At the Falkirk childrens theatre that i’m in. We are doing Treasure Island. I auditioned for one of the principal parts but i’m got in the chorus instead. Oh well it doesn’t really matter if i’m not a principal i could maybe try another time. Anyway i’m a sailor in the chorus which should be quite good because there is pirates as well as sailors in the chorus. I would rather be a sailor anyway because they are cleaner than pirates and i would say they are easier to play as a part. So i can’t wait to see the costumes and to do the show in April it’s going to be great. In May there is a Big in Falkirk show they do every year so i’m going to be going to audition that and hope i get into it. I don’t know what show they are doing for it be it should be good. At christmas we are doing Oliver which is a really gd film so i can’t wait to audition for that either. All the shows that they are doing this year sound really gd and i hope i get a main part as one of them. lol 😆 I think  The Falkirk childrens theatre is a gd theatre to go to. 🙂

Anyway c ya xxx

I just don’t know

Hi guys!!!

You know how you get this feeling that you want to write a post but you just can’t think of what to write well thats just how i feel. Mmmm i wonder what i can write!!! Ah, i have a great idea what to write!!! I am going to write a question but you will have to comment on this question!!!

If you had to be a singer or in a group for a day who would it be? 🙂

I would have to say i would love to be  Anastacia because i would love to have a husky vioce that turns out very kl. Also she gets qutie alot of money and seles her albums very well. 😆

My Dream

The dream that i’ve always dreamt  of is going to New York with my mum, sister, auntie karen and Caitlin and go shopping it would be brill. I don’t know if we will go to New York though i hope we do sometime. I would probably go for 2 weeks or 3 to see what it’s like. I think it would be so exciting. 🙂

I hope my dream comes true one day!!! 😆

My new cousin

Hi guys Guess what?

My auntie had her baby on wednesday the 13th of Feb woooooo. 

She had a little girl and she called it Olivia an her middle name is Grace. She was ment to be born on March the 5th but she came alot earlier. She was 5 pounds and 6 ounces. I am going to see her on monday wooooooo. I’m so excited she is going to be so tiny.  😆  I got her an outfit and a little cuddly toy too. It’s so cute!!! 🙂

Did you know

Hi this is the type of music i like!!!  🙂

Miley Cirus- One in a million

Bon jovi- One step closer

Kyle monoge- Whoa

Celine Dion- Taking chances


Jo Jo- little to late

Shayne ward- Breathless

Fergie- Big girls don’t cry

and lots more 

Can you send me a comment to tell me whats your fav band  or singer!!! 😆


Hey don’t you think the fashion is getting really kl these days.

i’ll tell you why look at these pics of fashion and i mean come they are getting unbelievabley great!!!!

th_fashion1.jpg this      tjhijhkhrpoypu1.gif               th_fashion.gif

i really like fashion because they are trendy, kl and i like to keep up to date with it too!!! lol  🙂

Also all the old styles of clothes n shoes are coming in again. I think some of is ok but sometimes i think it’s just horrible!!! lol

I think fashion is great to have.

bye bye xxx

My Poem

Hi guys!!!  My class had to make a poem about night so i’m going to tell you my one. 

    Calming Night!!!

 A calm breeze floating along the rustling leaves.

In the woods the calming owls howling silently on the oak branches.

The river runs peacfully along the river bank.

And the bright glittering stars make the navy blue sky shine like daylight.

The End